Three-year olds

All of our preschool programs have a Lead Teacher (with a degree) and an Assistant Teacher.  Our valuable school staff is empowered by the Holy Spirit, practicing our mission to provide children with a foundation for learning and to prepare them for a lifetime of Spiritual growth.

We have the following programs for our 3 yrs Preschool:

Monday through Friday 9-12pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 to 12pm
Tuesday and Thursday 9-12pm
Tuesday and Thursday 9-2 pm

Monday through Friday 9-2 pm

*All three year old students must be toilet trained
before the beginning of the school year in order to attend the class.

All of our students attend Chapel once a week that is led by one of our pasters, Mark Barz or Christopher Nuttelman.  They sing songs and listen to the Bible lesson for the week.  We encourage tithing but it is not mandatory.  All of the monies from Chapel do not remain in our church or school, but go to other local ministries and to support our two Compassion Children.  There is a weekly Chapel Note that comes home with the students to tell the parents about what they learned in Chapel. Classes have Jesus Time during the day to learn about His love for them.
They also attend Spanish, Music and Movement (no additional charge) once a week to help develop their body awareness in space and introduce some Spanish phrases and basic words.

Gymnastics is offered on Wednesdays for an additional charge if parents wish to enrol their child.

Students have snack in the classroom (provided by their parent).  They enjoy outdoor play for about twenty minutes.  COL has a wonderful Community Life Center that is our gym during school hours and in the event of rain or inclement weather, the children are escorted by their teachers to the gym to have some indoor play with toys and games we provide from our storeroom.

The curriculum for the threes is mostly an introduction to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, social and language skills, fine and gross motor development.  Although the teachers have a different teaching style, all the classes have a similar schedule and routine in order to develop these skills.  There is a progress report at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school year so that you can see how your child progressed over this time.  Some of the classes have Kids Kitchen where the student makes a snack at home with the parent and brings it to class to share.  This item will relate to the letter of the week, like B for blueberry muffins or K for kiwi.  Of course we are very mindful of food allergies and so on other days, the students bring in their own snacks.

Students in our TTH 9-2pm threes program will eat lunch in the classroom (provided by their parent) and then they will have a quiet time or rest time where they can take a nap or look at books during this time.  This classroom is shared by our MWF 9-12 pm threes class and we have sixteen students to a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher in both classes.  One of the threes classrooms holds ten students with a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher. The fourth classroom on TTH 9-12 pm holds fifteen students with a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.

Our school follows the NEISD School Calendar for holidays and breaks.  We also follow the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod calendar that includes Easter Monday when we are closed.  Our school is closed the first weekend in January for our staff to attend an Early Childhood Educators Conference hosted by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Texas District.  Our school year runs from September 1 (or the first week in September) through the third week of May.  We are closed 1/2 of the month of August to prepare for the new school year.

They will perform in our Spring Program where they will show off their singing talent from songs they have learned over the course of the school year.  Our classes enjoy parties celebrating Thanksgiving, Jesus' Birthday, Jesus' Resurrection, Valentine's Day, and a costume party in October.  We recognize student's birthdays to make them feel special and to let them know they are a blessing to everyone.  We also have a End of the Year celebration with closing Chapel and social time afterwards on our playground.

Overall our Preschool Programs have a wonderful balance of fun learning, structure and routine nurtured by loving teachers, their assistants, and staff members to prepare them for preschool fours program and eventually for kindergarten readiness.